GDH's Engineering division is comprised of a team of specialists with a background in the industry. We pride ourselves in being subject matter experts, which allows us to guide our candidates and our clients. 

Our expertise extends to the oil & gas, alternative energy, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, automotive, OEM manufacturing, construction, consumer products and plastics industries. The knowledge and experience our team has gained in their time working in these fields give us the ability to foresee changes and developing trends in the marketplace. 

We use this expertise to mentor candidates and ensure they end up with an opportunity that allows them to do something they love. It also allows us to deliver total consultancy and partnership to our clients.

Our primary objective is to find the perfect fit between a candidate and a position with our client. To do so, we scrutinize both the job order and the candidates themselves.

We go beyond qualifications on the page and find out what candidates' goals are, what their personalities are like and we ask "what do you want to do?" This way, we're able to fully-qualify candidates for each position and deliver individuals who are excited and motivated to succeed. 

We go above and beyond in each phase of the process to ensure a successful match. This includes creating customized screening questionnaires for each new position to aid in delivering the top candidates. These questionnaires go beyond basic qualifications and delve into the absolutes of character the ideal candidate must possess. 

It also includes taking the time to develop a relationship with candidates built on trust. Every member of our team, from recruiters to sales executives to branch managers, speaks with candidates in-person, takes them out to lunch and makes them feel like a member of the GDH team themselves. 

GDH simply knows engineering. We know the industry, we know the marketplace and we know what engineers want. Whether you're searching for top talent or searching for life-changing opportunity, let us help you.